Kambwili threatens UNZA radio into cancelling UPND interview

A planned UPND radio appearance on UNZA radio tomorrow has been cancelled at last minute following threats allegedly made by illegal Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili, says party spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

Citing sources within UNZA administration, Kakoma revealed that  Kambwili has  been harassing and issuing threats against the UNZA Vice-Chancellor, whose office subsequently issued the directive to cancel the scheduled program.

‘This violation of the freedom of expression is shocking and unacceptable. That it is targeted against an institution of higher learning where young Zambians go to broaden their minds and develop themselves reveals the PF’s lack of care for anything beyond self-preservation.

‘To try and deny students the right to hear from those who are offering alternatives to the PF’s current programme of job losses, lack of opportunity for graduates and one meal a day is appalling,’  Kakoma complained.

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