Kambwili threatens to disband the nation team, Renard blames TP Mazembe

The PF government has threatened to stop sponsoring the Zambia national soccer after a string of poor results.

When the national team won the Africa cup last year, the PF government claimed all the credit despite the team having been prepared under the Rupiah Banda and MMD administration.

But Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili told state owned PF controlled ZNBC that the performance by the national team can only be described as rubbish.

Mr. Kambwili said the national team’s performance leaves much to be desired especially that government spends huge sums of tax-payers money on the team.

“I want to warn the national team, FAZ and the players that if the do not improve their game we will be forced to withdraw the sponsorship as government, we will disband the team, and start all over again. We will stop all international assignments until we reorganise,” Kambwili said.

He said the government cannot continue spending tax-payers money without getting results.

“We were drawing at the Africa cup, and we have continued to draw and yet we give them everything they want,” an angry Kambwili said.

He challenged FAZ and players to state what government was failing to provide.

“This result that we saw yesterday, can only be described as rubbish. And as government we are not going to take it kindly with this kind of behaviour. The must change for the better otherwise will take very strenuous (stringent) action to save the tax-payers money,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili likened football in Zambia to politics where people collapse for the result and that those people (national team) must take full responsibility for what is happening.

The Chipolopolo boys yesterday drew with Lesotho in what was supposed to be a must win game to cement their chances of qualifying to the first ever world cup.

National team trainer Herve Renard has since blamed TP Mazembe for the team’s 1 all draw with Lesotho in the Brazil 2014 world cup qualify match which was played in Sesotho stadium yesterday.

Speaking with the journalist at the press briefing after the match coach Renard said the team has one problem as so many big names in the team are not playing to their full potential and as many players being at TP Mazembe has affected the national team.

PF normally treats victories by the national team as one avenue that they normally divert people’s attention from the numerous problem facing the country, including the failing health of the president.

When the team won the Africa Cup last year, PF government leaders claimed it was due to good PF sports policies that the team won the trophy, especially that the team was normally celebrating goals with the PF ‘donch kubeba’ song and slogan.

Zambia was in a strong position to qualify to the 2014 World Cup after being awarded free boardroom points by FIFA.


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