Kambwili threatens to dismiss ZNBC employees for protesting against PF cadre DG

Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili yesterday threatened to dismiss the entire unionised employees at PF controlled ZNBC for protesting against their PF cadre Director General a Mr. Mwanza.

ZNBC employees yesterday protested by wearing black demanding for the removal of their Director General who they claim has destroyed the institution and has removed a lot of allowances on their conditions of service.

But typical of the PF government leaders, well-fed from legs to the head Kambwili thinks anyone who is feeling the pinch of PF hardships is sponsored by the opposition and threatened to dismis the entire workforce.

So far, Times of Zambia employees have even forgotten how a payslip looks like as they never get paid sometimes for 5 months but have to keep singing praises for the bankrupt PF regime even on an empty stomach.

Only the chosen few who are always travelling with Edgar ‘vasco da’ Lungu and ministers are enjoying and surviving from some allowances paid by cabinet office.

In his threats, Kambwili re-emphasised the need not cover opposition activities such as ZNBC, forgetting that Zambians now have so many alternative and even quicker sources of news than the useless TV showers on ZNBC TV showing Lungu dancing and running to keep proving his medical condition is not serious yet everyone knows he can collapse for good anytime and Kambwili takes of PF.

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