Kambwili to expense Amos Chanda’s Corruption

Kambwili to expense Amos Chanda’s Corruption


Chishimba Kambwili writes :

“Amos Chanda on Saturday I will tell the nation about your dirty corruption. I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget because you have lost fear and your now stealing as though this is your personal to holder country. Your friends at state house have sold you out because of your arrogance.

You will hear from me soon. The picture shows Amos Chanda’s luxury double story villas located behind Nyumba Yanga market. He must explain to the nation where he who is just a civil servant with no business acumen has gotten the money to build all over Lusaka.”

Earlier, Chanda said people should stop clapping for Kambwili’s nonsensical talk because the Roan PF member of parliament is “a down right thief” whose criminality was well documented.

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