Kambwili to sleep in police cells

Kambwili to sleep in police cells

Police in Luanshya on the Copper belt have formally arrested and charged NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili for unlawful assembly.

And police have denied Dr. Kambwili bail.

Dr. Kambwili’s lawyer Evaristo Mukonka says the NDC leader will appear in the Luanshya magistrates Court tomorrow.

Police have denied the NDC 2021 Presidential candidate bail despite meeting all the necessary legal requirements.

Dr. Kambwili was nabbed at police Headquarters in Lusaka today.

This was when the later went to make a formal complaint on the unprofessional conduct of copper belt police Commissioner Charity Katanga.

The NDC leader was driven to lusaka by a convoy of heavily armed police officers.

He was later questioned for over two hours at luanshya central police before formally being arrested.

The arrest of the NDC leader means he will have to skip court in another case tomorrow.

The Luanshya lawmaker is supposed to appear before magistrate Mwaka Mikalile.

Dr. Kambwili’s legal team had yesterday written to the Inspector General of Police requesting law police to defer the questioning of Dr. Kambwili to next week.

This was to allow the NDC leader time to have a pre trial session with his legal team.

The arrest of the NDC leader comes a few days after he met protesting Avic workers in Luanshya.

The annoyed workers protesting over unfavorable working conditions initially went to Dr. Kambwili’s Luanshya residence to express their misgivings over appalling working conditions.

The NDC National leadership is in this regard urging all party functionaries on the copper belt to turn out in numbers and give solidarity to their leader as he appears in court tomorrow.

Issued by: Misheck Moyo. Acting NDC spokesperson.

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    I have no sympathy for CK,the man was so pompas,arrogant when he was in power,

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    scare crow 2 weeks ago

    let this chi hippo without a neck be caged for life naked for tourism attractions

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    The Zambians are very foolish people.I cannot laugh at Kambwili because what has happened to him can happen to anyone of us in this crazy country. I do not not even blame ECL for using a big hammer to kill a fly and for screwing Zambians. Instead I despise Zambians for being so docile and giving so much power to anyone who claims to be their President. Surely we should have morals to guide as to how state power should be limited against individual rights. Some of them are even sending comments that Boma ni Boma when it is a fact that some people are hiding behind so called Boma to abuse human rights.

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    tubulu waba tonga 2 weeks ago

    Ba kambwili. Listen to me. Boma ni boma u may end up in shit. Do the right thing . there is something u did that we may not know but only op and u knows.