Kambwili visits Savior in jail, both cry

Kambwili visits Savior in jail, both cry

(By Mwape Mbwelela and Elly Musonda)
CHISHIMBA Kambwili and incarcerated UPP president Saviour Chishimba today wept uncontrollably at Woodlands Police Station when the former information minister went to visit the controversial opposition leader.

And Chishimba says he should not be made to suffer just because President Edgar Lungu is in State House.

Kambwili, who arrived at Woodlands Police Station around 11:30 hours, was ushered into the holding cell but immediately when the two saw each other, the UPP leader requested that the officer opens the room where he was confined so that he could embrace the expelled PF member of the central committee.

As soon as the separate holding cell was opened, the two hugged for over five minutes while crying. Kambwili later started comforting Chishimba saying all will be well as he recalled when the two were in PF.

The two chatted about the protests they staged at State House in solidarity with the miners, whose conditions of service were violated. As Kambwili spoke between sobs, Chishimba failed to hold back tears as he agreed with what the Roan member of parliament was telling him.

Their emotional embrace was only interrupted when the holding cell was opened to allow People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti to enter. After Mulongoti entered, the two PF founder members continued talking and encouraging one another that “freedom” was coming.

Kambwili: Saviour, kosa, kosa, kosa – be strong, be strong. Remember where we have come from; remember the promises we made to fight for the vulnerable? So do not fear, we should not fear him, those who have come to steal and are amassing wealth, they are going out and it will be very soon. They are abusing state power, they are buying property, but they are not going anywhere. We know where we stand, don’t cry. If there is anything you want me to do for you, just let me know. If there are any payments that need to be done, I will take them up. I will make all the payments needed, just be strong. Imwee nimwe ba president so mufwile mule kosa, takwaba ukuba president ukwabula ukulala mumafi (you are president, you should be strong; you can’t be president without sleeping in filth).

Saviour: Namwishiba, ala ifilechitika muno muchalo filempapisha saana (you know what is happening in this country is surprising me very much), you know. First of all, there has been the issue of delaying in giving me the bond. They grabbed my phones after that diamond TV recorded interview; that one was a trap set for me, I tried asking those police officers who came to arrest me to give me back my phones so that I call my lawyers but they refused. I asked the officers to introduce themselves but they were refusing. It took time for me to identify them as police officers. I said if you are police officers, identify yourselves but they failed. I told them I am a political figure and I needed to know the people who had come to abduct me because the PF had been threatening to abduct me. In fact, those are not PF, who are in charge of this government. You and I wrote the manifesto, we understand it, not these people they have brought in.

Kambwili: What we can just say is that umunensu (President Edgar Lungu) tali loyal kuli ba Sata, pantu teti atamfye nangu ukupwisha abantu bonse abalebomba naba Sata (our colleague was not loyal to PF founder Michael Sata because he can’t chase or finish all those that worked with Sata).

Saviour: Just because Edgar [Lungu] ali ku State House, ine nchulilemo, awe teti nchulilemo (I should suffer! No, I can’t suffer for this!)

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