Kambwili won’t go back to PF

Kambwili won’t go back to PF

By George Sichula

NDC Copperbelt provincial Chairman

The PF has been using this propaganda of telling people that CK is already in talks with the PF. This is purely a propaganda meant to cast doubts in the minds of those that would love to join the NDC family. You can not compare GBM to CK. Principles seperate a male from a man. CK is a man while GBM is a male. Putting on a trousers and having a baby doesnt make a man. Women put on trousers, does it make them to be men? Men never sell their principles and birth rights no matter what- “Sebana wikute program”. We need men like CK who stick to principles and not males like GBM who can sell their birth rights just to win a contract to survive. Leaders who practice the law of victory have no plan B. That is why they keep fighting.

It takes a leader to create momentum. NDC is growing everywhere because we have a focused leader. As NDC we believe in the law of focus,” what you focus on the longest in life becomes your strongest”. Our main focus is to sell our ideologies to the Zambian people to kick out the PF.

My message to all those that would love to join NDC is that, our President remain focused as NDC president and has at no point confessed having accepted going back to the capsizing titanic. The heart of good leadership is sacrifice.

You are all welcome to join NDC.

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