Kambwili’s company fails to build market despite being paid upfront

Kambwili’s company fails to build market despite  being paid upfront

IMG-20160216-WA000While Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili is going round the country cheating citizens on how much infrastructure the government has built, his own company Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited is plundering government resources by receiving money for contracts and not delivering the services.
According to information obtained from the Office of the Attorney General, Mwamona was awarded a contract to construct a market in Mwense district, recieved upfront payment and never constructed the market.
Mwamona was registered in 2001 by Kambwili using his son and Wife as proxies.
According to investigations by the Zambian Watchdog, Kambwili could not use his name by this time because he was a Copper thief (JERABO) who was scared of the then MMD government of Chiluba. Instead Kambwili used his son Mwamba and Wife Chansa Carol Kambwili who both currently reside in Leicester City in the United Kingdom.
Before relocating to Luanshya where he went and vandalised the railway line and sold it as scrap, Kambwili lived on Plot number 458 5th Street Nchanga North in Chingola.
No wonder Kambwili wants to contest the Nchanga seat if ever the current constitution allows him.
This is the person who is the government spokesperson. The person who plunders from the same government that he speaks for.
” We will see how President Edgar Lungu will react because recently he got on the prosecution of erring contractors” a source at the Attorney General’s chambers said.
See attached a letter of termination of contract signed by Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali copied to the Attorney General and Auditor General.
Also attached is a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation for Mwamona.
Any wonder why Kambwili can even fight in parliament? There is a lot at stake when PF loses.


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