‘Kambwili’s conviction has vindicated us’

A little known  youth NGO says the conviction of MP Chishima Kambili has vindicated their belief that the PF is a violent party.

The NationaL League also has said Change or Die Zambia director Frank Bwalya needs professional help.

Below is a statement sent to the Watchdog:

“Two months ago the National Youth League petitioned the Registrar of Societies on PF’ s violence through its cadres, their President Mr. Micheal Sata and members of parliament. Most NGOs in the country did not speak in support of us, but we have now been vindicated following the violence that has been taking place in Mufumbwe where 14 PF/UPND pact youths were arrested.

Further to that we also feel vindicated following the conviction of Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili who apart from his riotous charges also assaulted former UNZASU leaders who appeared on a MUVI Television programme. We would like the nation and youths in particular to know that PF is a violent party and that its leaders have no development agenda but would like to survive politically through intimidation and violence. It is unacceptable that a country which has been enjoying peace and security for so many years could have such people pretending to be leaders who want to form government. The conviction of Chishimba Kambwili is clear testimony of how violent PF is and we would like to reiterate our earlier petition that the Registrar of Societies must investigate PF because it has turned away from the objectives it was registered for. It is also unfortunate that the UPND has equally adopted violence as a method of acquiring political power.

The National Youth League would also like to urge Mr. Frank Bwalya a former catholic priest who has abandoned his calling to openly join PF a party he has been campaigning for. Mr. Frank Bwalya is a coward who is hiding in the name of an NGO whilst conducting party activities. The National Youth League suspects that Fr. Frank Bwalya is a Satanist through his red card campaign as red is a symbol for blood. At the same time it is the feeling of the National Youth League that Fr. Bwalya needs urgent mental medical attention. His way of thinking and approach to life suggests that his brain needs to be examined by psychiatrists. Our advice to him is to quickly see a qualified mental expert before it is worse. We say this because there is no way a priest who has made vows to preach the word of God would abandon the calling and pretend to be talking on behalf of the people and campaigning for the illegal removal of a duly elected government. We wonder what our priests are now learning in our seminaries. When he was MISA chairman he always differed with every one and only served for two months before resigning. We see Fr. Bwalya as a societal misfit.

Sylvester Kaunda

National Organiser-NYL

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