Kambwili’s insults at Tonga people aimed at winning Lungu’s favour for adoption

A senior PF source has disclosed that information minister Chishimba Kambwili’s tribal attacks on the Tonga speaking people of Southern province is a desperate attempt to win back President Edgar Lungu’s favour to adopt him as candidate for Roan constituency. Lungu has reportedly settled for his former client Goodward Mulubwa.

The source said that when Lungu put Kambwili as information minister he knew that the man would land himself into problems as a way of getting him out of any PF ranks (Using diplomacy to tell the devil to go to hell in such a way that he looks forward to the trip).

“Both Steven Chungu and Kambwili are not in the President’s game plan as he has Famous Kabwe and Mulubwa for Roan and Luanshya constituencies respectively. Do you think the President could have sunk so low and uplift the man who was challenging him? Kambwili was not with Lungu he just changed his mind at the eleventh hour and wants to use Lungu to raise his political fortunes but he cannot achieve that. So what you saw in that extended two hour Sunday interview programme is a desperate attempt to win Lungu’s favour,” said the source.

Famous Kabwe is a briefcase businessman who trots from Ndola, Luanshya and Kitwe getting businesses as a sub contractor and cashing to his master, Lungu and so he is being rewarded. Lungu has meanwhile settled for foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba as his running mate.

Kalaba has also been assured of his nomination by his Congolese Sangoma named Kazardi whom he has been meeting on the Luapula river during his many trips to Mansa because he (Kazard) demands that they can only discuss ‘business’ on the river. Kalaba recently introduced Lungu to the spiritual medium during Lungu’s recent trip to Luapula. Kazardi enters the country through the Luapula border as a special envoy to Kalaba.


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