Kambwili’s invitation to debate PF failure

According today’s 07:00 hours ZNBC news; Chishimba Kambwili is urging the public not to be cheated by opposition leaders that they can provide solutions to the current economic problems facing the country. He further adds that he is ready to debate with the opposition to prove them wrong! My advice to him is that if Chishimba Kambwili and his party are failures let them not extend their failure to everybody because the country has very good economic managers. Why should they debate about failure instead of redeeming the country from the current hardships it is undergoing. If he was wise he would have requested for a lecture from the opposition on ways of managing the country in the twelve months that are remaining before they are kicked out of office. Worse still when his boss was invited to a debate prio to the January presidential by-election, he decided to shun it and now expect us to be indocrinated that no one can redeem the coutry! We are not children. Shame on them!


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