Kambwili’s rantings at Chinsali girls

The information and broadcasting minister, honourable Chishimba Kambwili was at Chinsali girls secondary school this morning where he intended to address community members on various government achievements in the district. He was welcome by the provincial minister Mwimba Malama who complained of poor attendance, stating that the audience consisted mainly of civil servants. Mr. Kambwili in his preamble reiterated the poor attendance concerns and to this regard warned the provincial leadership that they must be ashamed of themselves, adding that if it repeated the head will roll. The information minister who sought permission to speak in local language (Bemba) urged the audience not be deceived by Hakainde Hichilema’s lack of appreciation of government’s developmental undertakings being implemented in Chinsali district, citing the two universities under construction as some of the physical projects the community members are able to see. He said Hakaivotela Heka satirically refering Hakainde Hichilema that he (HH) is the most dull human being ever lived on the planet who could not appreciate that the current problems our country is facing are compounded by global and external forces. Mr. Kambwili said these hardships such as high prices of goods and services, economic decline, electricity shortage are naturally prevalent and that they affect everyone( from president to the least), therefore, govt will try its best to make things right. He, after had concluded and sat down, stood again saying he forgot one very important issue and I quote, ” muno mucalo twakwata sevont three(73) tribes, nomba pali umutundu umo uleimona important sana. Abo abantu balefwayafwe paka wakumyabo akateke. Ngamwalimona ifyo bavotele last time tabavotele bwino. Kufwile ukubapanika sana naimwe pakuvota mukabakande. Ninjishiba namuno mwine emobali”. He ended the meeting with a prayer urging GOD to open the eyes of those siff necked people to start seeing govt projects being implemented across the country

.Mas reporting….

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