Kambwili’s Team 7500 only paid supplier K2000 making her business collapse

Kambwili’s Team 7500 only paid supplier K2000 making her business collapse

Kulambwaza team

Kulambwaza team

Due to the failure by Minister Chishimba Kambwili’s ‘Team 7500’ organisation to pay Samantha June Mwewa money for work suits she supplied them, her business has collapsed. She cannot even afford to pay her rent and fees for her school children. See the background here

Kambwili’s ‘Team 7500’ has only paid Ms Mwewa K2000 out of the bill of K34, 000 plus K10, 800 for the printers.

Meanwhile, because of the failure by Kabwili’s Team 7500 to pay her, some of Ms Mwewa’s suppliers have reported her to police. Ms Mwewa as a business lady has other business partners who she is required to pay for products and services. When Kambwili’s 7500 team ordered the work suits and other items, she thought she had struck a good deal and diverted money from other lines of business to satisfy the order by Kabwili’s team. But Kambwili’ s organisation has failed to pay her for more than four months making other business partners lose patience and report her the police. At least two of her business partners including a South African supplier have reported her to police for failing to pay.
Communication between Ms Mwewa and Muyamba show that she has been asking Team 7500 to return the goods they claim were of poor quality but they refused. They held on to the goods promising to pay even when she advised that she could sale them to schools.

Meanwhile, email correspondence show that Minister Chishimba Kambwili has been aware and part of this order from the very beginning. See the emails from Kawmbili reproduced at the end.

And Ms Mwewa has told the Watchdog that the K2000 she received was not even part of the payment but to help her hire a lawyer in the case where a South African supplier reported her to police.


‘If the 2000 he (Sydeny Muyamba the director of Kambwili’s team 7500) imposed on me that I should hire a lawyer to ease my pressure is what he claims as part payment. He went to ShopRite and and deposited a k1000 and went to search for my details at Zanaco after I refused to give him my account number and deposited another K1000 and said it was not a payment but I should hire a lawyer to help me calm my pressure as I have people I have to pay out of that payment,’ she said.


‘I thought the minister being a privileged person would have come in to hear my lamentations but instead I have to submit to this kind of ridicule? Is this what women empowerment is all about?’ She asked.

Mwewa said that as late as last Friday they had not paid her anything. She challenges Muyamba to produce evidence that he has paid her.


Below are some excerpts from Whatsapp conversation bertween Muyamba and Ms Mwewa (
STOP HARASSING ME WHEN YOU WELL KNOW THE PROBLEMS THAT I HAVE FACED OVER   QUALITY VIS A VIZ THE PRICE. I AM TRYING MY BEST TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE ME AND BE ABLE TO SPEND MORE MONEY ON PRODUCTS THAT EVEN IN KAMWALA ARE K13.70 each. Please my sister 5/14/2015 07:09: SamZam💌: I did not buy those T shirts for that Price in joburg and that is not the type, I don’t go for sub standard quality and its just your way of not wanting to pay. I tyold you to bring my things back. Am not harrassing you. Am telling you and am not the first person you are doing this to 5/14/2015 07:10:

SamZam💌: I don’t shop from kamwala if not let us go by law and am taking this further if you think am stupid 5/14/2015 07:11: SamZam💌: You saw the sample and you could have rejected there n then. 5/14/2015 07:09: Sydney muyamba: Now there you GO

5/14/2015 07:12: SamZam💌: I have never begged you to take the Tshirsts as beggingh is not my style

5/14/2015 07:10: Sydney muyamba: This is the PROBLEM MY SISTER. THE SAMPLE

5/14/2015 07:12: SamZam💌: What do you mean by harrassing? 5/14/2015 07:12: SamZam💌: Its the same product that came 5/14/2015 07:13: SamZam💌: Give me back my things that are flooding the Team or you see me on Tv

5/14/2015 07:13: Sydney muyamba: I said that LISTEN TO ME TOOOOOOOOO 5/14/2015 07:13: Sydney muyamba: Learn to LISTEN TO ME MY SISTER 5/14/2015 07:15: SamZam💌: Am not listening when you insult me 5/14/2015 07:13: Sydney muyamba: [28/04 06:39] Tshirts Samantha: Am ready



And here is one message sent by Kambwili:
From: kambwili@mjwirelessinternet.com
To: winniemus@yahoo.com
Sent: Wed, Apr 29, 2015 5:47 AM EEST
Subject: RE: Supply of T/Shirts

MY Dearest sister

We have not been sleeping at all over the Payment for T-Shirts though we may not manage this week but next week.

Our members mostly depend on Salaries to buy such things and as a person I faces a number of big family problems recently. The Director briefed me about your police encounters but I ask that you plead with the people to give you 10 more days.

Print this emails for help.
Together in National Patriotism

Hon. Chishimba Kambwili
Member of Parliament for Roan Constituency
Web:  www.team7500.com  |  Email:  info@team7500.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ckteam7500
PRIVATE Email:  kambwili@mjwirelessinternet.com

—–Original Message—–
From: winniemus@yahoo.com [mailto:winniemus@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2015 12:27 PM
To: MP Honourable Chishimba Kambwili; infor@team7500.com
Subject: Supply of T/Shirts

Dear Honorable,
Am the lady who is supplying T/shirts and am writing to thank you for giving me business and at the same time I would like to ask help in form of helping me with a part payment on the items suppied as Mr Muyamba is aware of my
current predicament. In order for me to maitain good supply and a good
reputation to both you Honorable and the Team I have to shake off certain
pressures by wednesday and to do so an amount of K20,000 or K15,000 must be
Am pleading that as a woman sir you wouldn’t want to hear that am going to
jail and by coming in my situation you will empower me as a woman and the
name of the Team will forever be uplifted. Thank you in anticipation for
your kind response.
Samantha June Mwewa,
Touch Initiative limited,
Plot 19020 Libala South,



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