Kampyongo at Mukobeko prison, as intelligence officers are put in prison to kill HH

Kampyongo at Mukobeko prison, as intelligence officers are put in prison to kill HH

Kampyongo: spotted at Mukobeko maximum prison

Home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo was later this evening spotted at Mukobeko maximum prison where UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is being held against the valid court order asking him and his co accused to be detained at Chimbokaila in Lusaka. Meanwhile there are schemes to further move HH to yet another unknown prison so as to deny him access to lawyers, his family and doctors.

Kampyongo who was accompanied by two people of Caucasian or Asian race arrived at Mukobeko prison in an unregistered Nissan Patrol black in colour while his companions were in a grey Toyota VX and also unregistered.

A Watchdog correspondent located at the facility said that Kampyongo and his companions entered the premises and were inside for over an hour and it is believed that they were coordinating with some intelligence officers who have been positioned inside prison to masquerade as convicts and will be sharing the same jail cell with HH. Kampyongo was later joined by Prisons commissioner Percy Chato.

The three intelligence officers masquerading as prisoners have been drawn from various stations and using fake Tonga names so as to blindfold HH. They have been given strict instructions to be sleeping in shifts so that they take advantage of anytime he would sleep and possibly poison him.

After arriving at Mukobeko, HH was thrown in a filthy cell with human excrata and urine on the floor but tomorrow he will be moved into a better cell after being visited by Chato who will appear ‘helpful’ and in HH’s presence order that he be moved to some other cell where apparently the intelligence officers are sleeping.

“If UPND are to save HH from this evil plan they must do all they can and it looks like it’s only international pressure that can now change Lungu so if it means going to protest at the embassies of the USA, Britain and other super powers to demand for rule of law they must do it tomorrow,” said another senior officer close to the persecution team of HH.

Meanwhile Mukobeko prison has been seized by armed police officers who have taken over control and they are even victimizing some prisons officers who they accuse of being soft on HH and his co accused. A curfew has been imposed in the prison camp and the police are demanding identity cards from the owners of the camp.


Flashback:  State security operatives seize court, HH will be bundled and driven to Mukobeko


On 4th July 2017 we exposed the PF’s decision to throw disobey the court order and take HH back to Mukobeko and even arrest some other people. This is what we wrote in part.

More security has been reinforced at the Lusaka magistrates court where Incarcerated UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is expected to appear in court tomorrow in the matter where he has sued Christians for Lungu coordinator and Religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili, but like we earlier reported the matter may not take place but HH will be driven to Mukobeko amid dramatised tight security of a convoy of vehicles with low flying choppers.

A Zambia Prison service source has told the Watchdog that truckloads of prison warders and police officers from the nearby town of Kabwe have been dispatched into Lusaka for the operation as Lusaka has been declared unstable following revelations that well trained soldiers could be involved in the gutting of Lusaka City market, sending Edgar Lungu to live in fear.

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