Kampyongo claims police only killed three people

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has told parliament Friday morning that only three (3) people have so far been killed by the police compared to 46 killed by mobs following cases of poisonous chemical spraying and riots across the country.
Kampyongo lied to parliament as the number of people killed by the police is higher than the three the claimed.
In Livingstone police shot and killed two people during riots by mobs while in Lusaka a school boy (Mugala) was killed in Chazanga. In Kalomo a Mr Bulongo was shot dead and another youth was killed in Lusaka’s John Howard while in Kanyama one Evans Simusa was shot dead by police from his shop.
Of the three he acknowledged he only mentioned Mugala in Lusaka and Bulongo in Kalomo.
And when asked if police will compensate families of people killed by police stray bullets,Kampyongo responded with a question and asked if families of those killed by mobs should also ask for compensation.
He further said there will be no compensation because the deaths have been classified as collateral damage.

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