Kampyongo’s childish comment on Gambian President angers UN official

Kampyongo’s childish comment on Gambian President angers UN official

Richard Uku:Finds Kampyongo’s comments inappropriate, surprising

A senior United Nations official has said that it is surprising and inappropriate for Zambian home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo to issue derogatory remarks against a sitting President of an African country.

Kampyongo mocked Gambian President Adama Barow for being sworn in a foreign country Senegal after then dictator Yahya Jammeh refused to hand over power following an election defeat in 2016. The overzealous minister described Barrow as being impatient as compared to his (Kampyongo’s) boss Edgar Lungu.

But United Nations Senior Strategic Communications Consultant for The Gambia Richard Uku said that it was inappropriate and surprising for Kampyongo. Mr. Uku’s comments have been echoed by some Zambians accredited to the United Nations who also described Kampyongo as being excited like a small child who has just been bought new toys by his father.

The Zambian official said that under Kaunda or Mwanawasa such a comment would have earned Kampyongo an instant dismissal from government. In fact Dr. Nevers Mumba lost his job as Vice President partly because of a remark contrary to government’s position on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Uku is a communications consultant with vast experience and very knowledgeable on strategic communications.

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