Kampyongo’s threats on PF youths misplaced

Kampyongo’s threats on PF youths misplaced

Gregory Chifire

I have read the threats issued by the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Stephen Kampyongo directed at the Youths that empounded Trucks ladden with Mukula Tree logs. If those threats are true as carried by some sections of the media, then its unfortunate.

As Naional Youth Chairman, as opposed to mating out the so called discipline,Mr. Kampyongo should call for a Youth Indiba to get the views of the Youths from a broad perspective, not only from his praise singers who want money from him. And as Minister of Home Affairs, as opposed to issuing threats to the Youths, he should have thanked them for the Job well done because criminal elements in the PF have been using their position of influence to smuggle Mukula out of the Country under the umbrella of ZAFFICO.

There is a lot of anger among the Youths, not only in the PF, but the entire Country because this Government has failed to provide jobs for them. Instead, the Top officials have been seen to have corruptly amassed a lot of wealth in such a short period of time.

Take a chill pill Honourable Minister. How many Youths are you going to discipline. To be honest with you, most of the Youths are not happy with the current happenings. You must as well discipline all the Youths in the Party, then who will you remain with. Instead of venting your anger on the Youths that have done a very good job, vent your anger on those that are involved in corruption in your Govt that has in turn made this Govt very unpopular. What you saw there is a tip of an Iceberg. It is a warning sign, you do well to take hid and act responsibly. Cheap threats will not deter the determined Youths from carrying out their respective duties to defend the wealth and Constitution of this Country.

Bwana, be wary of the manner in which the Youths Organised themselves to carry out the operation. This is how Revolutions start. Ask UNIP how food demonstrations started. There was acute hunger in the Country, Citizens simply got vexed and said enough is enough. Mind you Kaunda was forced to cut short his term because of pressure from the Public. We Love Constitution order and would not love to see such things repeat. Lets act resposibly.
My elder brother, we love the President, but it is some of you that are making him and the PF become unpopular. The big people in big Offices trade in Mukula tree while the poor Youth who sacrificed to be where you are is suffering, you think he is happy? far from it. This is an embarrasement to the Party in Govt.
The Party is commiting to many scandles. Ilegal Mukula trading, Fire Trucks, Ambulances, procurement of drugs without following tender procedure, Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriage way, attempts to procure Motor Vehicles at Ministry of Education at inflated prices, the list is endless. Direct your energy using your potfolio to clean up this mess because the PF is heading for the exit door, come 2021.

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