Kanene beats up another woman, defames her

Kanene beats up another woman, defames her

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 07.47.44Singer General Kanene has physically assaulted a 32-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Chawama compound, leaving her with a swollen face, black eye and general body pains.

But when contacted, Kanene, whose real names are Clifford Dimba, charged that the woman was a prostitute who was trying to turnish his “big name”.

President Edgar Lungu in July prematurely released Kanene from prison where he was serving an 18-year jail sentence for defilement, and appointed him gender-based violence ambassador.

Four days after his release, Kanene beat up one of his three wives after she allegedly denied him sex, an incident the singer said had happened before he went to prison.

When asked why he beat up Modrine Chisenga, Kanene said: “Ayende uko sinimuziba. Obviously chinakolewa, nichi hule. Ine sinikambisana nama hule; yama tibela kuipa nga takolewa (Let her go away, I don’t know her. Obviously she is a prostitute. I don’t talk to prostitutes; they steal from us when we get drunk).”

“So nowadays sinimafuna hule pafupi naine to avoid… because my name is very big. (So nowadays, I don’t want a prostitute anywhere near me).
But Modrine Chisenga, who could barely speak due to the injuries sustained from the assault, said Kanene had no right to call her a prostitute.

“Only if he has paid me to be his prostitute would he know. He has no right, I am a business woman, I supply local bars with alcohol which I order from Zimbabwe. I pray the law can deal with him, he has no respect for women. I have opened a docket. It was not even him I was dealing with,” she said.
Chisenga, who said she is a widow, explained that she went to John Howard compound to collect a K360 debt for alcohol from Kanene’s friend only identified as Shaka, who owns Eskim Bar.

She narrated that she found Kanene with Shaka at the bar and that after she demanded payment, Kanene asked her to leave, calling her a prostitute.

“Banani nyoza (he insulted me) and that was when I felt upset and insulted him back and told him I did not follow him but the owner of the bar Shaka. He insulted me again and I continued to insult him back. That was when he then approached me, slapped me and we began pulling each other,” Chisenga narrated.

“I could not fight him because he was stronger than me. He punched me, slapped me again and when I fell down, he kicked me repeatedly.”
Chisenga explained that she asked Shaka to restrain Kanene and when she managed to break free, she ran for her life, leaving her phone and a purse which she claims contained over K1,500.

Chisenga added that the incident happened shortly after she returned from Zimbabwe, where she had gone to order alcohol supplies.

She said it happened around 21:00 hours on Tuesday, after which she reported Kanene to Chawama police and obtained a medical report.

According to the medical report, Chisenga sustained a swollen face, black eye, blood clot in the abdomen and complained of chest pains.

Her sister, Priscilla, also explained that Chisenga had been bleeding from the nose all night.

And Chisenga’s neighbours said Kanene was terrorising their community because he felt he was untouchable due to his connections to President Lungu.

“He thinks he is very superior, so we are wondering why our President, who is from here in Chawama, would pick on such a man to be a gender ambassador. We do not even understand how he can be given that portfolio and maybe it is this same portfolio that makes him think he is untouchable,” Zuma Phiri said.

“From the time he came back from prison, he has become more vicious. Instead of teaching against GBV, he is the perpetrator of the vice. We do not even understand how the President picked him to be GBV ambassador.”

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