Kanganja petitioned to restore order at Zambezi Portland

Kanganja petitioned to restore order at Zambezi Portland

Lawyers representing the legitimate and legal owners of Zambezi Portland cement have written to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to help them access the Ndola based cement plant.

A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court brought to an end the long running legal battle of who owns Zambezi Portland between Finsbury Investment and the Ventriligia family. The Supreme ruled that Finsbury is the majority shareholder and therefore entitling to manage the operations of the company. The Supreme Court further ordered that the records at PACRA should be amended to reflect this reality.

But the Ventriligia family hired armed thugs and some police officers to surround the plant and block Finsbury officials from accessing the cement plant. This in effect is tantamount to saying the Supreme Court judgement is rubbish.

Simeza Sangwa, the lawyers for Finsbury Investments has therefore petitioned Inspector General of Police Kanganja to restore order at the plant by enforcing the court judgment.

Mr Sangwa has informed Mr Kanganja that the newly appointed CEO of Zambezi Portland’s Phesto Musonda and other directors will, again, on Thursday 3 December 2020 go to the plant to take over operations. Mr Sangwa wishes therefore that the Inspector General of police will facilitate this lawful taking over of operations as ordered by the Supreme Court.

Finsbury Investment is owned by local businessman Dr Rajan Mahtani.

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