Kanganja should be fired

Kanganja should be fired

Saying it the way it is?
There is too much cry from State House on the perceived blocking of the so called Eagle 1 by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s motorcade. The response from the UPND through the fixing team and spokesperson are also not to the point. Here is the fact though. The people who should take the blame are Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and that dummy they call Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja. Why do I say so? The answer is simple. Kampyongo spent a week in Mongu using tax payers money accompanied by several PF lumpens including Jonas Shakafuswa on the pretext of organising security. What did he then organise if the situation ended up in a near collission? Why did tax payers pay Kampyongo to stay in Mongu? Was the money meant to pay for his lavish lifestyle with PF prostitutes as he usually does? Secondly in a country were there is no drunk leadership Kakoma Kanganja should have long been fired. The Inspector General of Police personally sent 600 police officers. Where were they? Look at the perfomance of the Zambia Police from the time Kakoma Kanganja was appointed
IG. It has been pathetic. Do you remember Police Officers firing teargas in the Heroes Stadium while Edgar Lungu was watching football? do you think in a normal country Kanganja could have survived? He could have either resigned or got sucked.

This can not however happen because that is the effect of a morally banckrupt leadership. Who does not know that Kanganja as Registrar of Societies dubiously help Edgar to become PF President when there was a tiff with Miles Sampa? People are also aware that Stephen Kampyongo is the one who carries Lungu’s girlfriends whenever he wants ” Wakumbali”.

The IG and Minister of Home Affairs are Lungu’s threats to his safety. Do not blame it on innocent citizens. These are some of the side effects of a corrupt regime that rewards people based on patronage. You end up endangering your own life. By the way.

One question to Mr. Amos Chanda. Is your wife aware that your side chick that former Post employee was also with you in Mongu? What a rotten State House.

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