Kankasa’s grandson at police for trying to force girl to abort

Kankasa’s grandson at police for trying to force girl to abort

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Here is some juicy news regarding the grand-son of Heroic mother of Zambia, Mama Kankasa.

Her grand-child Mamudu Kankasa also known as Mo Greene and Mo Kankasa has impregnated a young girl Della Shanice Mtonga who recently graduated from Rhodes park School.

He was engaged to a Henrietta Buwalda and set to marry soon but was dismayed to find that his younger girl friend was pregnant.

Due to his indiscretion he preceded to black mail the young girl with sex videos and pictures he had taken of her. He threatened to post them on Facebook and other social sites if Della refused to abort the baby. He wished that she would commit the abortion and avoid his infidelity from being found out.
The young girl however refused to be blackmailed and turned to her mother who happened to be Mo’s mother’s best friend. Two days later he left the country and the pictures were mysteriously leaked on the internet.
The Mtonga family has retaliated by going to the police whilst Mo refuses it is his baby because they used condoms, he pointed out that she was a prostitute and even engaged in a three-some between him and his friend once for KR500.
Sharnice Mtonga claims she was a victim, that he broke her virginity and told her he loved her.
He had even promised her marriage but said it was too early for their families to know of their relationship. She poured out at the police station this Saturday of how he would sometimes give her heavy drugs and himself take Viagra for long sex sessions.
He would make her take videos and pictures of her naked and tell her that’s how you show a man you love him. She also claims that he gave her HIV and once an STI during their seven-month secret relationship, this is why she refused to abort and leave: he was responsible and should marry her or else who will?
His fiancé has fled to her parents’ house, on the verge of calling off the engagement.
She has being crying since the news as she was called as a witness at the police station on Saturday. She wants to wait for him to come back with the hope that it is all a lie. Neither families want this news to come out; it will tarnish the Kankasa name.
Their lawyers are already on the case, they wish to settle the dispute outside court, hopefully reach a money settlement. As for the baby that Sharnice is carrying we don’t know if she will keep it , the poor girl is distraught, she could very much be the next Iris because of her naked pictures and sex videos of her flooding the net.

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