Kankoyo MP accused of leaking govt data to new political party

Dear Editor,
First of I wish to commend your institution for the commendable job you are doing.
For some time now the PF Kankoyo member of Parliament Levy Chabala, has been holding meetings in the area in the company of the newly formed  Green Party President Peter Sinkamba and on the 24th of May, 2013 he held a private meeting , at which he told the community of butondo who were affected by the acid mists from the mines to demand for nothing less , but to be relocated from the area by the Government and at this meeting he gave to the community a confidential report from the office of the vice president on the study of the health situation in the area, and now the community is up in arms and it is like he is frustrated and wants to defect from PF.
PF in the area doesn’t exist , even UPND is growing day after day in this area.

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