Kanyama local court burnt

Kanyama local court was last night burnt down as instability in the country continues.

Edgar Lungu has threatened to declare a state of emergency in areas where people unhappy with the arrest of Hakainde Hichilema are reacting by burning property. Lungu was hoping that such acts will be concentrated in Southern province so that he could continue with his tribal politics but he is disappointed that the fight is in Lusaka so the state of emergency which was meant to target certain tribes may not come.

Yesterday, two people were fighting at a bus station but because one was Tonga, the police said he was a UPND fighter. But on the same day, another person was caught trying to burn some public property, but because Mwila Chungu is Bemba, the police said they did not know his motive when it is clear that this is one of the people unhappy with the arrest of HH.

This is how Lungu and his police are trying to divide Zambia on tribal lines just to maintain power.


Police have arrested a 32-year-old Lusaka man for attempting to set ablaze one of the buses at Intercity Bus Terminus yesterday.
And police have arrested a suspect who stabbed a bus conductor at UTH and have linked the accused to the UPND.
In a statement today, police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said Mwila Chungu had been arrested whilst his accomplice in attempting to set buses ablaze was on the run.
“The person who is on the run had set on fire a head sock which he later threw under one of the buses and alert members of the public rushed to the scene and quickly removed it. The members of the public then turned on Mwila Chungu whom they had also suspected and after searching him they found a similar head soak in his bag as the one that was thrown under the bus. They then apprehended him and reported the matter to police. All this happened between 20:00 hours and 21:00 hours yesterday, 20th April, 2017,” Katongo stated.
“The suspect is currently in police custody. Investigations and a manhunt for the person on the run have been instituted.
We therefore thank the alert members of the public for partnering with the police in promoting public security and safety and for preventing the misfortune from happening and we call upon them to continue being alert in avoiding any eventuality from happening.”
And Katongo stated that police had also arrested a suspect who stabbed a bus conductor at UTH and have linked the accused to the UPND.
Although police have not yet identified the suspect, Katongo claimed the accused came from Monze Southern Province.
“We have apprehended one person and we are still looking for two others in connection with the stabbing of a minibus conductor at UTH. The suspect who was in the company of two others is believed to have come from Monze and were using a Toyota Corrolla. After a crowd was pushed from High Court by Police officers, part of it went to UTH bus station where the suspect started demanding money from the victim, the bus conductor Shadreck Njovu. When he told them he had no money one of them stabbed him and rushed to their vehicle to change cloths,” stated Katongo.
“They victimised another person whom they beat up and wanted to burn using a tyre. He was apprehended the same day around 10:00 hours. Af

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