Kanyama residents bear firefighters, damage truck

Kanyama residents bear firefighters, damage truck

Kanyama residents last night stoned Lusaka city Council fire fighters and damaged one of the fire trucks.

The residents are angry with general public service delivery failure

Contrary to a lame excuse by the City Council that residents accused the fire department of causing loadshedding, everyone in Kanyama knows that loadshedding is caused by Zesco and PF and maybe Nyami nyami.

See statement by LCC below.


Lusaka – Monday, 21st October, 2019.

Lusaka City Council (LCC) is saddened by the damage to one of it’s fire trucks by some Kanyama residents last night.

The incident happened when fire fighters went to Kanyama’s Shula area to quench the reported fire.

The fire brigade received a phone call around 22:00 hours from a concerned resident that one of the houses in the area was on fire.

The fire truck and a team of fire fighters was immediately dispatched to the scene, but upon arrival it was discovered that in fact what was on fire was the Zesco transformer.

The team managed to quench the fire but no sooner than they did that residents who came to witness the incident started pelting stones at the officers and equipment.

The irate residents demanded that fire fighters should restore electricity supply in the area.

They (residents) also accused fire fighters of contributing to the Zesco load shedding in the area.

The incident resulted in the wind screen of the cabbin crew of the fire truck being shattered and three (3) fire fighters sustaining injuries.

The team, however, managed to flee the scene with the help of state police.

LCC wishes to remind Kanyama residents in particular and Lusaka residents in general that the hostility being exhibited towards Council officials on flimsy grounds during their conduct of duty is not is not healthy.

Kanyama residents know very well that it is not within the mandate of the fire brigade to restore supply of electricity neither do they have anything to do with load shedding.

The mandate of the fire brigade is to save lives and property from fire and fire related incidences wherever and whenever duty calls.

The Local Authority is therefore appealing to all Lusaka residents to refrain from acts of violence and destruction towards Council officials and property.

Residents should instead work with the Council to safeguard Council properties for public good.

Issued by:
George Sichimba
Public Relations Manager

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