Kaoma keeps vigil for Hichilema as he promises university

Thousands of Kaoma residents in Western province Monday skipped sleep to wait for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

And Hichilema has promised the people of Western province a University.

On Monday afternoon, Hichilema literally walked most of the distance from Mongu to Senanga as the people who lined up the road frequently forced him out of the vehicle so that he could walk with them.

Because of the crowds that punctuated the road waving UPND symbols, Hichilema reached the venue of the rally several hours late.

Some people on the way demanded mini rallies saying they also wanted to hear from him.

At the main rally in Senanga, Hichilema under the 20 years of MMD management, Senanga has seen the worst form of misery.

He urged the people to join the real change program so that they can secure their future.

Hichilema wa saddened to note that the only reliable bridge in Senanga was washed away in the 1980s but has not been attended to since.

He promised the people of Senanga that once UPND forms government, the Katenge Bridge will be worked on.

He said as per UPND policy of free quality education, a university will be built in each province. He said Barotseland deserved a university urgently.

Hichilema, who addressed a mammoth rally, also promised that the people of Senanga will get running and reliable water unlike the situation currently.

He said the constituency Development Fund (CDC) will be increased to K 5billion.

He also promised to decentralize power so that people can govern themselves Hichilema later passed through the funeral of late Ngambela Maxwell Mututwa´s funeral and was received by the late prime minister’ younger brother.

By 22 hours on Monday, Hichilema was headed to Kaoma to take the message of real change.

A Watchdog reporter in Kaoma reports that the mood in Kaoma is charged as people are drumming, singing and dancing and keeping vigil at the rally venue.

Some people have travelled from remote villages as far as 80 kilometers from Kaoma.

The UPND real change campaign is based on the idea that Zambia has been ruined by the same crop of leaders who have been changing positions from 1964. The idea is to put new people at the helm of government.





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