Kapata advises her opponents to practice issue based campaigns

Aspiring Patriotic Front (PF) Mandevu Member of Parliament (MP) has advised her opponents Dr. Caniscius Banda and Mary Mushipe (UPND) to have a heart for the people in the constituency and engage in issue based campaigns.

Kapata, who is re-contesting the Mandevu seat, cautioned the electorate in the area to open their eyes and beware of politicians who practice mere rhetoric and cannot help the populace in any way, but will only drag them backwards.  

She expressed confidence of retaining the seat as she has laboured for the people in the constituency in the past and her efforts are plain to see.

The former parliamentarian also condemned Banda and Mushipe for addressing constituents in Mandevu as slum and shanty residents, adding that such language is not appropriate for individuals from whom you desire votes.


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