Kapeso accused of stealing money for police officers

Please ZWD hide my ID & allow me to air this on your platform. I’m a police officer from Kasama, I feel bad the way northern police commissioner Bornny Kapeso is treating the officers he requested from Kamfinsa mobile unit. He requested man power when he anticipated confusion on the day of court session of the 28 Upnd cadres. The officers arrived on 23 July & they were told they will be here for 5 days only, but after 5 days he requested another stay for 10 days in a view to keep them for elections. He deployed them to patrol Kasama townships day & night  ever since they came (even right now they are on patrols). Police released money for the allowances of these officers, instead of giving them their allowances in full, he (Kapeso) only gave them K75 (a rate of missing lunch allowance) per night by 9 days only & pocketed the rest of the money. When it came to deploying officers to policy the elections in various poling stations, he has left out these officers from kamfinsa & deploy  local police officers from here (kasama), council police & court messengers, a move which is not fair to the part of these Kamfinsa officers he has kept all long. I also appeal to the Inspector General of Police to put a deliberate policy to monitor every money released for allowances of officers so that no one to pocket it. These commissioners have a tendency of creating operations so that they  chew the funding for that operation.

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