Kapeya says Zambians should thank God for PF

FORMER Ifyabukaya Radio Programme Actor and now Deputy Minister of Information Mwansa Kapeya has urged Zambians to thank God for the Patriotic Front (PF) government which was correcting the various mistakes which the MMD made.

Mr Kapeya said the PF government was doing a lot good job from the time it was voted into office and that Zambians should thank God for the PF government.

Mr Kapeya could clearly show that he was not ministerial material, but was only fit for Ifyabukaya Radio Programme because of his failure to reason and answer questions properly from the journalists who were covering his tour of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Kitwe studios.

He said his tour of the ZNBC Kitwe studios only went to show that the PF government was a working government which was set to revive the public media industry which had collapsed during the MMD time.

“The media was completely collapsed under the MMD, but now, under the PF government, we are reviving the media. The public media and other sectors are doing fine. In fact, you should thank God for the PF government. Without the PF government, things would have gone to the worst in this country.

“As the PF government, we are reviving the public media. The public media is doing fine compared to the way it was doing under the MMD ,” Mr Kapeya said.

Whilst boasting that the public media was doing fine, Mr Kapeya admitted that the public media institutions were struggling to pay its workers.

He said his admission that the public media was doing fine, it did not mean that everything was fine, but there were issues which needed to be addressed.

“Yes, i can admit that some public media institutions are struggling to pay their workers on time, but as a government, we are trying to re-capitalize these institutions. If we sat they are doing fine, it does not mean everything is fine, there may be some problems,” He said.

And Mr Kapeya has urged workers at ZNBC not to allow themselves to be overtaken by private and upcoming broadcasting stations because they were working for a public media institution which was supposed to disseminate information to various parts of the country.

“If you allow yourselves to be overtaken by these private and upcoming institutions, then i will condemn you. As deputy minister of information, i would not like to see that you are being overtaken by upcoming private media institutions,” He said.

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