Kapijimpanga axed

Kapijimpanga axed


Kapinjimpanga presenting her credentials to Presdient Kagame of Rwanda

President Michael Sata has fired his High Commissioner to Tanzania Judith Kapinjimpanga.

Kapinjimpangi has already returned to Lusaka and is languishing at her farm house in Ibex Hill, according to sources close to the family.

Kapinjimpanga replaced Mervis Muyunda as envoy to Tanzania just after the PF formed government.

As High Commissioner, to Tanzania, she represented Zambia to Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Uganda with residence in Dar-es Salaam.

Kapinjimpanga is among the minister who betrayed former president Rupiah Banda to join the PF toward elections. Kapinjimpanga was particularly vocal in her support and even recruited her lover Lameck Mangani to the PF.

The last time Kapinjimpanga was seen carrying out duties at the High Commission was in December 2012 when she received the national soccer team.

Deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania, Elizabeth Phiri has been acting from the time Kapinjimpanga was fired.

When vice-president Guy Scott and president Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba went to Tanzani in late December, they were met by the deputy High Commissioner Elizabeth Phiri.

In mid February 2013, information deputy minister Mwansa Kapeya led a group of officials to Tanzania on the digital migration project. They were met by the deputy High Commissioner Elizabeth Phiri.

Lameck Mangani, former home affairs minister and MP for Chipata central has already been disowned by the PF

On December 19, 2012, Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba said Mangani was not a member of the PF.

Speaking on ZNBC National Watch programme, Kabimba said Mangani’s relationship with the PF was merely a marriage of convenience. He said Mangani was in a similar situation as former MMD chairman for elections Mike Mulongoti who supported PF but were not members of the party. He said it was just a matter of ‘sangwapo’.


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