Kapinjimpanga was fired for calling Sata ‘ungrateful fool’

Judith Kapinjimpanga was recalled from representing Zambia in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda for calling president Michael Sata a fool.

Kapinjimpangi was fired on dates unknown but between December 2012 and January 2013. She has been in Lusaka since then but is a avoiding close friends to give the impression that she is still the High commissioner to Tanzania.

According to contacts in the ministry of foreign Affairs, Kapinjimpanga got drunk one day and in that ‘excited’ state uttered some insults against president sata.

She is believed to have referred to Sata as an illiterate and ungrateful fool in her drunken stupor during a High Commission event.

No one knows why Kapinjimpanga bite the finger that feeds her but one source said it was during the time Lameck Mangani was having problems with the PF.

Kapinjimpanga replaced Mervis Muyunda as envoy to Tanzania just after the PF formed government.

As High Commissioner, to Tanzania, she represented Zambia to Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Uganda with residence in Dar-es Salaam.

Kapinjimpanga is among the minister who betrayed former president Rupiah Banda to join the PF toward elections. Kapinjimpanga was particularly vocal in her support and even recruited her lover Lameck Mangani to the PF.

Kapijimpanga is in Lusaka but still roaming on a Tanzanian Number and tells freinds that she is still in Tanzania and working normally. The truth is that she is at her farm which was once owned by murdered politician Paul Tembo in Ibex Hill.

She bought the house from the Paul Tembo family and when she was appointed envoy to Tanzania, she placed ‘House to let’ adverts but those were suddenly withdrawn and neighbours started seeing her more often around the house.


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