Kapiri also runs out of ARVs

There is a critical shortage of drugs in Kapiri Mposhi District.Most of the Rural Health Centers have no essential drugs, as a result most of the patients have resorted to travel long distances from center to center in quest of drugs.
Kapiri Mposhi District  ART Clinic has also run out of Niverapine(ARV).The drug has been out of stock for some time now.We do not know how clients accessing ART services are receiving ARVs without the above drug,because the treatment regimen is triple therapy.i.truvadah/niverapine,where truvadah is a combination of two drugs.
It is better for the Government to introduce user fees so that patients pay for medical services and get treatment,rather than the so called free medical services without drugs being administered to patients.The grant in the new Ministry of Community Development mother  & child is also an issue as it is erratic.
Suffering Resident

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