Kapita escapes lynching in his home area

Kapita escapes lynching in his home area

Mwinilunga residents last Friday nearly lynched their former member of parliament Richard Kapita for denouncing UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema at a campaign rally.

But when HH went there over the weekend, the whole of Mwinilunga came out and jubilated, celebrated and danced in happiness as this photo shows.

The former UPND vice president was ‘smoked’ out of Mwinilunga after a failed rally in Kabanda area in Mwinilunga.

13662300_1143812069034280_5475523650636991063_oA source from Mwinilunga said Kapita told the gathering that he took Hichilema, who was now a darling of the area, to Mwinilunga in 2006 after the death of UPND founder Anderson Mazoka, but had realised that he “brought for them a wrong person”.

He said he left the UPND to work with President Edgar Lungu whom he described as an action-oriented man.

According to the source, Kapita accused Hichilema of being selfish, power hungry and a man without children.

Kapita claimed that the UPND leader had been rejected throughout the country and the only people who had remained with him were Mwinilunga residents because they were backward.

The source said Kapita bragged about how well he was living now after defecting to the PF and that he had stopped driving.

He said Kapita told the people that he would now be flying.

“People reacted; they started thanking him for bringing a more reasonable person than himself. They told him that ‘you are a foolish man; you have told us yourself that you stayed with HH for 10 years. If he was a bad man, why did you stick with him for 10 years? Why are you telling us today that HH is bad man?’” the source said.

The source said the residents told Kapita that they were HH’s children.

“The people asked him to explain where he took the rice that was given to him by late president Levy Mwanawasa meant for them,” the source said.

“’You were eating with HH and we have got information that you have eaten more money than anyone in the party. You mismanaged the PVT [parallel voter tabulation] in the last election and that’s why you have left the party’. Eventually the exchange of words got out of hand as the residents began pelting Kapita with objects.”

According to the source, Kapita told the residents that they would remain in the dark and suffer for as long as they supported Hichilema and UPND.

“He was reminded that even after his 10-year tenure as MP, he had failed even to build a toilet for himself in the area. The residents said it was shameful that each time he visits the area, he sleeps in guesthouses,” the source said.

The source said the residents called Kapita a Judas Iscariot.

“That’s how he drove off. He was addressing the meeting while in the Canter, ready to drive off. He must have sensed the hostility,” said the source.

Asked whether police were present to protect Kapita, the source said the four officers were outnumbered and that one of them remarked that the former parliamentarian should have approached the residents with a contrite heart to plead for President Lungu’s vote and not to provoke them.

Kapita could not be reached for a comment as his mobile number appeared not to take any incoming calls.


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