Kapita fears for Zambia’s peace next year

UPND vice-president Richard Kapita has observed that Zambia’s tag of being a peaceful country will fade away next year because William Banda wants President Rupiah Banda to be re-elected at all cost.

Commenting on William Banda’s statement that he sent 2,000 MMD cadres to protect Fredrick Chiluba who was on a campaign trail for President Banda in Luapula Province last weekend, Kapita said people were aware that the MMD was fanning trouble in the country.

“William Banda is taking advantage of the peace in the country by sending cadres to Luapula…Zambians should be wary that come 2011, these people will start civil war,” Kapita warned.

He said President Banda would be held responsible if civil strife broke out because William Banda’s actions had his blessings.

“We are not setting a good precedent and I hope the Zambian people will stand up and say enough is enough,” he said.

Kapita said the police should not have allowed the sending of cadres to Luapula because this would result in the formation of militias.

Briefing the media at the Lusaka Province MMD offices last week Friday, William Banda revealed that he had dispatched 2,000 cadres to protect Chiluba in Mansa.
Banda constantly reminded MMD cadres of their obligation to protect Chiluba wherever he was.


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