Kapita says it will be foolish to break the Pact

The United Party for National Development (UPND) says it will be foolish for the PF/UPND Pact to breakup before the 2011 general elections.


Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka this morning,UPND vice president for administration Richard Kapita who was flanked by his political affairs counterpart Francis Simenda says the ruling MMD has sustained its stay in power as a result of the fragmentation in the opposition since 2001.
He explains that Zambia has three major Political parties namely the MMD, UPND and PF, and that with the formation of the Pact between the UPND and PF, victory is certain in 2011.
Mr Kapita says it will be unwise for the UPND and PF to dismantle the pact because the people of Zambian have embraced it.
Mr Kapita alleges that that some MMD mercenaries who include expelled UPND Namwala Member of Parliament Major Robby Chizyuka and Chief Mwanachingwala will not manage to destabilize the Pact.
He further accuses Major Chizyuka and Chief Mwanachingwala of having been paid huge amounts of money by MMD to destabilize the pact.
And Mr Simeda has dismissed the story in the Times of Zambia edition of 13th February, 2010 that UPND councilors in Sinazongwe are against the Pact.


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