Kapoche MP is useless

Kapoche MP is useless



I wish to tell the world that our Tourism Minister who is also Kapoche MP is one of the useless MPs we have in Zambia. This man has failed to manage his constituency just imagine he’s failing to take Mobile network to his constituency!!! About 90% of his constituency has no mobile network service and this is a man who is the Tourism minister for Zambia!

Go to Mlera and Matambazi zones if you will be able to communicate with anyone, you won’t. He normally visits his constituency empty handed. He can’t even layout a plan he has for his constituency. We voted for but he has not thanked people who voted for him. When we table our problems he says he’s busy with his ministerial work because the president wants his ministers to work.

Wherever he goes he talks about improving tourism and how can we improve tourism without network service?

This man has failed to manage his bedroom which is Kapoche constituency despite being minister for Tourism. Even rehabilitating simple roads is a challenge to him. Nyanje road has not been completed since 2015 we hear he shared the money with contractors meant for Nyanje-Sinda road despite knowing well that the road is of greater importance because it links every part of Sinda district to Nyanje hospital. The distance between Nyanje hospital and Sinda boma is 19km but it takes 2 hours for an ambulance from Sinda to the hospital. Mind you Sinda town has no hospital only a clinic and depend on Nyanje hospital whose road which links the two places had the money abused by the contractor and the minister.

Let this Tourism minister rehabilitate the Nyanje road before August. Let him talk to mobile network providers and take network to his people.

2021 we are not voting for him. That’s our resolution.

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