Kapoko’s uncle and family spokesperson sent into diplomatic service

Kapoko’s uncle and family spokesperson sent into diplomatic service

Henry Kapoko

Robert Kalimi, former Ministry of Health human resource manager Henry Kapoko’s uncle, has been sent into the diplomatic service by President Michael Sata.

Kaniki was the spokesperson for the Kapoko family when Henry was being investigated and tried for embezzling billions of donor funds.

Henry Kapoko was acquitted by a magistrate court this week.

Kapoko was one of the major funders of the PF before if formed government and most of the PF meetings were held at his lodges.

President Michael Sata a few weeks ago appointed Robert Kaniki as first Secretary at the Zambian High Commission in Kenya. It is not yet established if Kapoko’s uncle has left for East Africa to represent Zambia or he is still undergoing diplomatic training.

In June 2009, Robert Kalimi, told the nation that that his nephew has been prosecuted by the media. Kalimi, who is the spokesperson for Kapoko’s family, said it had been exactly one month and 16 days since the search at Kapoko’s house took place.

“Neither Henry nor a family member has said anything. My nephew has been prosecuted in the media. We have taken a low profile by not saying anything because we wanted the professional bodies to conduct their investigations in a professional manner,” he said.

“As a family we are demanding that let them charge Henry if there is a case, because he has never been charged. The first time they picked him, the offence was failure to account for property. He was detained without food and no charge, that was very barbaric but when he was arrested on Saturday, the offence changed to theft by public servant. If they have evidence why are they contradicting on these issues? Why are they not charging him?”

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