Kaputa water project literally collapses

Kaputa water project literally collapses


*……….as collapse of water tank under construction dashes hopes for Kaputa residents*

Kelvin Sichizya

December 20, 2020- *Hopes for Kaputa residents to have an improved water reticulation system soon were yesterday dashed when a huge new water tank under construction collapsed*

And residents in Kaputa have challenged constructors to stop embarrassing the PF government by being more serious when they undertake projects the government was awarding them.

*There has been an uproar among some residents in Kaputa in Northern Province since yesterday following the collapse of the water which is part of the project being undertaken by Tomorrow Investments to improve the water supply system in the District*

Martin Mupiz Chiwele, a Youth in the district said today, the people of Kaputa are now apprehensive because they do not know whether the water project Tomorrow Investment is undertaking is ever going to be completed.

*Chiwele says, residents feel, the project which was expected to be commissioned by His Excellency the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu last month may never be actualised*

The residents have now appealed to authorities to closely monitor the contractor and ensure the project is completed and handed
This is a new story. It happened today, 20the December, 2020.

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