Kapyongo blocks HH from visiting Kambwili in prison

Kapyongo blocks HH from visiting Kambwili in prison

By: Anthony Bwalya
Ladies and gentlemen, we are under siege and none of us is safe anymore, in the very land of our fathers – paid for by the blood of our ancestors.
President Chishimba Kambwili of the NDC is in prison, convicted by a Judge who should never have been sitting on the judicial bench for soliciting bribes on the record.
Judge Simusamba was recommended to be removed from the bench by the Judicial Complaints Commission and yet this thug and cadre of a judge was allowed by the PF to remain on the bench for purposes of frivolously convicting Kambwili.
And to perpetuate the political persecution of CK, President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND has just been prevented from visiting his colleague, brother and counterpart on instructions from and by Stephen Kampyongo.
Prison officers have indicated that HH must seek and obtain express clearance from the Home Affairs Minister in order to visit CK.
While this is going on, the PF want the nation and the world to believe and trust, that opposition political parties will be allowed to campaign in prisons at the height of the 2021 general election, when they are incapable of allowing mere prison visits to take place without interference.
Do you fellow Zambians, believe that Kampyongo will allow us to go into prisons to tell prisoners who are serving severe and harsh sentences for petty crimes when the Minister himself, a known beneficiary of the fraudulent procurement of firetenders at $42m is walking free?
This is what a breakdown in the law looks like.
If we remain silent, we will one day wake up to a fully fledged militarized state where all our constitutional rights and freedoms will be in the hands of rogues and elected criminals.

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    ChaloNiMeno 4 days ago

    I feel sorry for Kampyongo, u know when u are out of power you shall finish so fast and u wl start selling off yr properties one after the other and end up mu mapatapata…  cos u wl sell yr shoes too🤣We have seen things under this sun and are waiting for you!!

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    Thanks to those who are in power today,who have destroyed the peace freedom our four father’s fought for,there will be no purpose for us to celebrate the independence day of our country because there is too much intimidation by those in power our fellow Zambian ill treating a fellow Zambian

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    Chris Chiumya 6 days ago

    PF brutality knows no bounds. Since PF have lost popularity and credibility, they are now desperately seeking every opportunity to arrest and jail opposition leaders so that they do not stand against Lungu in 2021. The pf are very scared of competition. Therefore, they will use the most underhand of methods to cripple the opposition because they do know that they have become deeply unpopular, except among a minority who are beneficiaries of the pf largesse.

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    FuManchu 7 days ago

    Can someone caring explain why? Government always wants to keep its citizens in the dark on things that are happening and needing explanation! I was of the view that anyone with a jailed/detained relative or friend have a right to visit with them! Now this HH is barred from visiting an opposition party colleague why? I didn’t know that visiting prisoners has some dignitary designation or class for visitation.

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      JUSTIN KAMALONDO 6 days ago

      The whole purpose in our African politics is to show how one is poweful but we all run to the US or UK and see our desperate of mind .We behave like animals in a jungle lacking focus and genuine wisdom but only to see me first as powerful.

      Africa and ZAMBIA in particular will always be underdeveloped and will continue to be the raw material zone for the West as long as our minds fell to receive criticism.We must learn that wrath wrongly applied is  harmful.We need to learn from the western world 🌎 development.Leaders must always know the days of each person is numbered.There will be a sad Monday and Happy Monday in each person’s life.We need to care for one another despite our differences.In fact the wise are those who can use the negativity of critics to create development.

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        Tatilalungu 6 days ago

        If It’s not political,why was. HH refused to see CK  , be careful, next  yr wen a new presido comes in , most of u  it will be difficult to bring in yr HIV medicine in jail , that’s wen we will see how many leaders are sick in PF , the womanizing we have seen a  it will come to an End, most girl friends , will not wait for their thieving Men , cas the will be in jail for a long time,