Kapyongo denies his blood

Kampyongo denies fathering Mwaka’s child. PF youth chairman and minister of home affairs Stephen Kampyongo has denied having fathered Sean, the son to PF cadre Nakiwe Simpungwe’s sister Mwaka. After the expose by this publication, the troubled Mrs. Kampyongo took her adulterous husband to task upon which he said he’s ready for a DNA test to ascertain the parentage of the child. While he sorts out his DNA issues, we will be bringing out pictures and information in our possession.


  • why bringing such news? is it about destroying some one,why not bring news that is about building a nation. The samething happened in Jesus time people were about to stone a woman who was caught in adultery to death ,the way the minister is being stoned but Jesus christ the saviour of the world. The man who changed the history of humanity ;any one who has not sinned let him be the first one to stone her and they left one by one being ashamed by the wisdom of christ. you who are condeming, what about you? you who is publishing the wrongs that others have done what about you. One day christ is coming and everything we have done will be revealed. instead of laughing at someone or condeming others watch your life and start asking God for his helpe so that ,when he comes for the second time you will be ready. All of us are in need of the mercy of God, lets help each other to stand despite our failling from grace. lets hold each others hand. we are accountable of what we do to others not what others do to us. we must be a keeper of each other. Theres life after death are you preparing yourself for eternal life? if died today where will you be heaven or earth?

    • And who is going keep the baby if we are becomes keepers of the brothers denying responsibilities

    • we are not talking about allowing the person to be iresponsible but bringing a person to arealisation, that in life you can make a mistake but still be valued and loved, not to crucify each other.

    • Luyando please direct your question to Kampyongo – why kill people and persecute innocent Zambians even taking away their rights. Please use your brain and start thinking, you are concerned about protecting these criminals and you are troubled that their private life is exposed, i must say that you are stupid, you should be concerned about the evil of trying to kill HH for he has committed no crime, or are you also having a criminal mind like these political idiots pretending to be humble and Christians. Some Zambians will be stupid until these criminals completely destroy our country.

    • Iwe chikala panyo pako

    • Mr mukangaza, you must allow that bitterness anger and hurt to come out of your heart. you have just spoken your heart, you are not suppose to insult me okay. You need help, is this the way you can adress matters full of insults and intimidation. Allow Jesus to help you. you need help bro .As thean thinketh so is he. we can not progress in our nation if we dont respect each other. we may differ in opinions but that should not make us enemies we are all zambians not enemies. its only africans who have a tendancy of fighting each other. For God’s we are brothers and sisters. we must all edaucate and learn from each other. The insults are for me there yours, i for one will never insult ,undernine any one. we should not allow politics to turn us into enemies with each other, at all we succeed when we are one despite of our political affiliations. Mr mukangaza it is well always trust God and respect people. Insults have never soughted out anything they just make things worse. one zambia one nation.

    • Dont Defend A Criminal Thats Y Yu Are Receiving Such Heavy Insauts,first Try 2 Read The Mood In The Country,the Man In Quastian Has Brought Misery 2 The Pipo,in The History Of Our Country We Hav Never Had The Waste And Brutal Minister Like Him,the One Yu Surppot,the Man Shud Be Exposed And The Only Person Hu Can Sympathise Wth Hm Is Only A Crimina And Brutal Like Hm,hu Has No Regard 4 A Human Being.

    • Check The Pipo Hu Ar Mostly Being Brutalised ,we Ar N6t Going Trible Bt Thats The Fact,check The Pipo From Wich Regions,so Dont Rise Our Tempers By Protecting And Sympasing Wth A Criminal On Social Media Were There Ar Many Hu Hav Bn Injured By Hs Brutal Way Of Handling Politics,yu Might Be A Beneficialy Of His Acts Yo Self But Dont Bring It On Social Media ,as Pipo Hu Ar Feeling The Pinch Wil Surely React And Push All Insauts On Yu,read Hs Writings On The Wall,if He Is Yo Gold Father Advise Hm Well Then

  • He probably pay off everyone, Including the DNA lab, the girl involved and hire some boy to claim fathered the child.

  • Stephen Kampyongo,Zambia’s Police Minister,is a pathological liar; nobody can expect him to admit any wrongdoing; Kampyongo is just trying to avoid child maintenance cost.

    • Nt That My Brother He Fears To Tell Hs Wife The Truth,but They Had An Affair B4 Coz No One Cn Do Dna Wthout Being Involved.

  • Uko. And someone said this issues won’t affect PF leaders because Watchdog has run out of weapons to fight a brutal govt!!!!!

  • If you know you slept with her and you say the son is not yours the you are simply saying that woman is a prostitute not so? So tell us who the father is. Maybe niwa UPND.

  • Mwati kunkala na mwana ni sin


  • Right now am not happy being Zambian. I can’t be governed by shits like that. Crying for our redeemer

  • DNA or not those buggers fucked each other, which is so dirty. No wonder chi kampyongo demon is not human. Blurry shit with your stinky bitch.

  • DNA test ninshi umulandu nausumina.

  • The DNA must be done from EU where ethics are upheld, otherwise she can’t afford to deal with a katondo guy locally.

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Kampyongo wasebana zoona, a lawmaker u can do a such a thing shame.

  • Uko… Kikikikiki

  • ZWD On Duty,we Are Following Closely.

  • Apa nkani nkanyamata,this won’t end here,I can imagine if there is peace at his home.

  • Wako ni wako,kuonela che mpuno.

  • nice one watch dog keep on bringing them kampyongo thinks he own zambian law its his turn to feel the bittness.

  • Advise to the Hon, its wrong to sort out an issue by going for a DNA test when you have refused, in essence you have agreed that you have a relationship or had it with her thus you can go that far to prove your innoncense . If you have had no canal relationship with her, why bother even to discuss about it and further deny by going the root of DNA?

  • One can laugh , vicious dog busy biting them .

  • Has this Kampyongo murdered some one or what?what’s so News here

  • Zambian watchdog knows no friendship, humble yourself before them, approach with care, if you become bad to them they bite you in anyway they want. Keep biting them Zambian watchdog.

  • Truely Therez Nothing Hidden Under The Roof Of The Watchdog. Bring It On.

  • Let him not influence the DNA test

  • Kampyongo is a PROSITITUTE

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    A K 7 months

    he is expecting another child in one of de police camps on de c/belt frm 1 of de ZP officer who is on seperation with de husband.

  • You dogs if you are serious Journalist you cant publish the picture of the child.

  • Going no were…………………………

  • zambian watchdog am enjoying your tit for tat.More and more please

  • Let him do it in South Africa where he can’t corrupt the system

  • comment loading……..

  • Watchdog you are finished,is this news?

  • When he was having unprotected sex with her he thought what are they going to have? A nice big mansion in new kasama?? Awe tefyo yaba ni you reap wat you sow umwana naisa kale just give him the support he needs elo kale naumfwile umuntu ukukana umwa kanshi such things still exist lol yaba bwafya

  • What’s your interest now? Sure you are dogs

  • hahahahaha! wapya baisa the dogs. bamo balamwenako.

  • vaccinate the dog mwebantu…

  • Please you are putting the life of this child at risk people can do anything to cover up just stop it .

  • ba watchdog u can do better than that…

  • teti asumine! tomorrow you will hear the ka Lady in question asked on gun point to pubish that the boy is not Kampyongo’s child kekekeke!

    • he may not agree today but tommorrow will caught up with him.Every thing in life is a seed what you plant today you will reap tomorrow. Thats why we must be careful what we do or say about others .You may find yourself reaping . life is about reaping and sowing.

  • There comes the dog!

  • Mmmm yashupa

  • Hahaha dramatic politicians

  • :* GOOD AFTERNOON :* Zambian Watchdog :*


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