Kapyongo tells Zambians in Diaspora what to read

Kapyongo tells Zambians in Diaspora what to read


Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has cautioned Zambians in the diaspora to be wary of fake news on social media, meant to scandalise the country’s reputation and its leadership.

He obviously thinks Zambians in the diaspora are stupid. Before becoming minister, Kapyongo was selling stollen phones at Katondo street. He has very limited education.

Kampyongo said that Zambians living abroad, need to make an effort to verify news they read on social media, adding that social platforms have now become a source of fake and unverified news

Kapyongo said Zambians in the diaspora can rely on PF government websites such as ZANIS, ZNBC and electronic versions of the PF newspaper organizations such as Times of Zambia and the Zambia Daily mail.

He said that fake news has the potential to deceive people in the diaspora, in believing wrong things about their country.

He was as speaking at the Zambian Ambassador’s residence in Geneva where he was eating dinner.

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