Kariba spillway gates opened after most tourists leave

Kariba spillway gates opened after most tourists leave

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Photo of the ancient dam after spillway gates were opened Sunday

The Kariba dam spillway gates have been opened but after most of the tourist had left the scene in disappointment and frustrations of losing their money for nothing.

The event was heavily advertised that the gates will be opened on Saturday and scores of local and international tourists turned up to witness the event, but like everything PF, that was not to be.

According to Daily PF newspaper, tourists who travelled to Siavonga to watch an anticipated spectacular opening of the Kariba Dam spillway gates were yesterday disappointed when the event was postponed to today.
The tourists from almost all parts of the country were greeted by a quiet atmosphere and were told the event could not take place because of a referendum taking place in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which jointly owns the Kariba Dam with Zambia.
“This is very inconveniencing. We came all the way from Livingstone to come and enjoy ourselves only to be told that it [opening of the spillway gates]won’t take place. We are now stranded, this place is very expensive and we had not planned to spend a night here,” Abba Munansangu of Livingstone said.
“At least the authorities should have withdrawn the messages on TV but they decided to cancel the event without informing the public.  They should apologise for this inconvenience,” he said.
A Zambezi River Authority official said the authority had liaised with relevant authorities that the advertisements be withdrawn because they were misleading the public.
“Otherwise the event will go on tomorrow [today] and the gates will be opened at 12:00 hours,” the official, who sought anonymity, said.

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