Kasama gathers for UPND

Kasama gathers for UPND

13445274_1143640409021692_1763794106102802828_n 13392083_1112413825507438_5286986802330342619_o 13391403_1112413905507430_4592506312867243328_o13442243_1174889332561815_8802031583041957264_n 13423744_1174889355895146_6385069579889472123_n 13423744_1174889289228486_588284027580908741_n 13406942_1174889365895145_7513553907674934825_nPeople of Kasama Saturday afternoon turned out in unprecedented numbers to listen to UPND red revolution campaigners.  The mega rally was held at Buseko grounds in the Lukashya Constituency Kasama.

In attendance were UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema, running mate Geoffrey Mwamba, Dr Guy Scott, Lupando Mwape, both former Republican Vice Presidents, UDF President , Miles Sampa, Mr Mulenga Sata, Mr Bob Sichinga and other officials from UPND and alliance partners.

Meanwhile, there were emotional scenes in Kasama when red revolution campaigners led the crowd to sing a hymn remembering Michael Sata and Anderson Mazola.

You can click here to see the multitude remember Sata and Mazola.


‘It pains me, it pains ba Sata. It pains me, it pains Mazoka. Remember me, remember ba sata, remember where you are with Jesus, ba Sata.

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