Kasama hospital faults; don’t blame Congolese

My name is Dr Lukusa. I am a former medical officer at Kasama General Hospital. I was like crying after reading about mismanagement of patients.

But i truly believe that any time there is a problem we should try to investigate the situation and also to condemn what is wrong either from a Congolese doctor or a Zambian doctor.

Remember a student may believe that he knows too much .it is also necessary to investigate a rumour saying that the two Zambians hospital directors left the hospital without proper handover  because it is very difficult for a Congolese doctor to be appointed as a director of a big hospital unless temporally.

I do remember that one day I was called at midnight to assist a Zambian doctor who was drunk, he fell into the theatre during the operation and I found a woman on the operating table, the abdomen opened . She was bleeding.  the anaesthetist sweating to keep this patient alive. The doctor was sleeping .

Unfortunately I have never seen this in any newspaper even any disciplinary action done to correct the mistake.
I just want to say that let us not mix politics and medicine.

Across Zambia there are many Congolese doctors who do sacrifice themselves for Zambia and they may be affected by a spirit of xenophobia and run away from Zambia.

I said this because I am a Christian, I like Zambia and Zambians and I am so grateful to many friends who really build stones of happiness and joy in my heart.

Unfortunately I was forced to leave Zambia.
Let’s blame what is wrong and those who do things wrong either Zambian or not.

Let us praise those who do well either Zambian or Congolese. Let us never forget that Zambia belong to Zambians.  In a friendly way we need to help Zambian doctors to take responsibility of Kasama general hospital. The problem is not between Congo and Zambia the problem is

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