Kasama hospital is run by Congolese quacks

It is disappointing to note that all the wards except only the female medical ward at Kasama general hospital are being manned by Congolese doctors whose qualifications are questionable looking at how they are handling cases in these wards.

I’m a student doing my clinical practice and I have learnt that these doctors don’t know anything. For instance, I have noticed them on several occasions mismanaging simple conditions, and when you ask or try to help do the right thing they feel embarrassed and will try by all means to avoid you working hand in hand with them.

At the moment am working with a man who hides the prescription when you are nearby for fear of you noticing the wrong drugs or wrong dosage and all my colleagues have complained about the same altitude, and many more mistreatments from all doctors from Congo at Kasama general.

A general hospital is a facility that has got a consultant in following fields/depts. obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, medicine, and paediatrics but up to now there is no consultant in any field. What we have is just these Congolese calling themselves doctors, one Zambian doctor and the executive director.

I don’t know where we are going and it’s out of the pain of seeing patients dying every day because somebody somewhere didn’t do what they were supposed to have done that I have been prompted to raise this burning issue.

Anyone can confirm what am talking about and I have names of these people, I don’t just want to mention them.


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