Kasama immigration officer runs away from hubby in preference to boyfriend

A Kasama based senior  immigration officer is openly committing bigamy by living with two men as  husbands in Kasama and Lusaka respectively.
Matilda Bwalya the regional immigration officer for Nothern province is married with five children who all live with their father in Lusaka.
She has however been living as man and wife with a known  figure  in Kasama for several months.
The scandalous activity is widely known in Kasama and people have been raising eyebrows at this behaviour.
Surveillance and investigations have established that the man in question spends nights at at this  woman’s house in the Chikumanino area of Kasama and only leaves in the mornings.
There is evidence to suggest that some of the man’s  clothing is kept in the woman’s bedroom for laundry purposes.
Some Kasama residents randomly interviewed have revealed that the woman disparages her husband because  he does not have the financial resources which her boy friend boasts of and that she does not care about the marriage.
There are some uncolloborated  reports that the two intend to marry by December and that Bwalya is prepared to be  the second wife.
Some of the residents interviewed felt pity on the husband and expressed wish that he could be  made aware of what was happening in Kasama.
Other residents have blamed the immigration department for not taking disciplinary action since the story is widely known even at the immigration office in Kasama.

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