Kasama PF cadres threaten to lynch Sata’s boy Kelvin Sampa

PF cadres in Kasama have threatened to beat up PF Kasama central shadow MP Kelvin Sampa who has since launched his campaign in the looming by election and has been distributing gifts using state funds.

Yesterday, cadres who support incumbent MP Geoffrey Mwamba popularly known as GBM brought the town to a standstill demanding that Sampa leaves the town but quick riot police action quenched what could have been a full fledged battle with PF pro Sata supporters. This was after Sampa donated a motor vehicle to the Bemba Royal establishment.

The irate cadres wondered whether the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) had already declared the seat vacant following GBM’s expulsion which he has challenged in the High court. They advised the PF central committee to take their ‘madness’ to constituencies held by the opposition instead of fanning confusion in Kasama.

And a visibly shaken Sampa said he will continue to act in defiance of the law, he urged the police to deal with law breakers but opposition UPND Northern province chairperson Dancewell Kunda has called on the Anti Corruption Commission to investigate the source of Sampa’s donations and also called for his arrest as his ‘donations’ are aimed at corrupting people’s morals. Sampa’s donated vehicles are branded with his name ‘Kelvin Sampa, working in unity in developing Kasama’.

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