Kasama residents call MPs to find money for water supply

A senior citizen in Kasama, Augustine Musonda has challenged Members of Parliament in Northern and Muchinga Provinces to source for money to recapitalize Chambeshi Water and Sewage Company. 

Commenting on the continued erratic supply of water which has hit most towns in the two regions for over five years now, Mr. Mulenga told Mano News today that it is now enviable for the said parliamentarians to move-in.

He observed that unless money is sourced to run embattled Chambeshi Water and Sewage Company it would be unfair to blame the company.

Earlier, the opposition UPND in Northern Province appealed to the government to consider taking over the running of water and sewerage business in Northern and Muchinga province.

UPND Provincial secretary Patrick Mwila observed that Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company has failed to satisfy its clients in the two regions.

Mr. Mwila noted that previously water shortages were not as severe as the case is now.

He said the service should be taken back to the council as opposed to leaving it in the hands of a private company.

Radio Mano News

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