Kasama runs out of mealie meal completely, milling company forced to close

Kasama Milling Company management says it has closed operations due to lack of maize stock. Meanwhile, Kasama has completely run out of meallie meal and people are now eating cassava.

ZANIS reports that Kasama milling company Director Lupando Munkonge confirmed the development in an interview in Kasama, on Thursday.

He added that his company has no feed stock to produce mealie meal. He explained that his management had placed an order of 19,0000×50 kilogrammes bags of maize from Food Reserve Agency FRA two months ago but the agency has not supplied yet.

He explained that without maize stock his company has been forced to close down.

Meanwhile, all Kasama Mealie meal outlets have run short of the commodity forcing people to start buying Cassava Meal and some rice.

And a mealie meal dealers, Luka Kampamba has appealed to Kasama milling company to start operations so that the shortage of mealie meal in the area could be sorted out.

Mr. Kampamba said he has not been selling maize meal for almost three weeks and his business has been affected.

He added that currently he was only selling bread flour.

Mean while , ZANIS survey carried out on Thursday, revealed that the commodity had run out in all the major outlets.

At GMB outlet mealie meal has also run out and National milling Company is expecting 1,400,000 X 50 kgs Bags on Friday.

It was the same at Shoprite as well has run out of mealie meal too.

Problem of mealie meal shortage has persisted in Kasama. Kaputa and Mbala as the millers are reported to have run out of maize Grain.


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