Kasama traders unaware, refuse rebased currency

Some traders in Kasama have expressed mixed feelings over the introduction of the rebased Kwacha into circulation.

A survey conducted by a ZANIS at the central business town and markets today revealed that some traders are still unaware that the new currency is in circulation.

Margret Chizombo, 74, a trader at Chikumanino Market, said some marketeers are refusing to attend to customers wishing buy goods using the new Kwacha notes.

She said she, too, was not conversant with the rebased Kwacha and needs more information on the usage of the currency.

Mrs Chizombo has since appealed the Bank of Zambia to carry out more sensitization activities for people to be fully conversant with the new currency in circulation.

And another trader, Marble Nanyangwe, said she is still having difficulties in differentiating between the new and old banknotes.

Ms Nanyangwe, however, said it is a matter of time before traders become well acquainted with the usage of the rebased Kwacha.

Meanwhile, some traders have expressed happiness with the introduction of the new Kwacha notes in circulation.

One of the traders, Justine Chanda, who seemed to be conversant with the new bank notes, praised government for knocking down the zeros, saying the move will ease business transactions.

Mr Chanda, however, observed that people had a challenge with the coins but will soon get used to them.

The Bank of Zambia has introduced the rebased Kwacha on the domestic market which became legal tender on January 1, this year.

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