Kasanengwa residents show PF inadequacies

Kasanengwa residents show PF inadequacies

image image image image imageResidents of Kasenengwa constituency in eastern province has bemoaned the lack of infrastructure development in the area.

The residents who were this morning visited by patriotic front eastern province mobilization team told the PF entourage that they will not vote for the current MP and neither will ther vote for a government that has neglected them and killed the agriculture policies that were so effective in the MMD government.

The angry residents took the PF entourage to the famous Kasenengwa bridge (Attached pictures) to show them how neglected they are by the current PF government.

They charged that residents of Kasenengwa constituency will not only vote for someone who will help them but they will also strive to usher in a govenment that will turn things around for them and bring development in the area.

The current area member of parliament for Kasenengwa constituency is Victoria Kalima.

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